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Ultra Edge XL Review

Rated: 5 out of 5
by BuildMuscle.com

#1 Recommended ProductMany bodybuilders refer to their pre-workout supplement routine as 'feeding their muscles'. And for good reason: the key to significant muscle gains is providing your straining muscles with the nutrients they need to power through your workout and build more muscle tissue. While a nutritious, protein-packed diet certainly contributes to bulking up like a savage, many people find that they need more than what they can naturally consume to achieve the ripped look they were going for. Many bodybuilders turn to supplements such as creatine or protein powder. But the best type of supplement for quick muscle gains is branched chain amino acids.

You may be wondering to yourself about what branched chain amino acids are and how they can help build muscle. Branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) are essential amino acids that encourage lean muscle development and improve muscular definition. These specialized amino acids do more than just form the framework for muscle tissue development; they actually intensify your workout efforts to build more muscle naturally.

Learn more about Ultra Edge XLUltra Edge XL is a powerful muscle building supplement that harnesses the power of branched chain amino acids to increase your muscle gains. Ultra Edge XL claims to:

  • Increase lean muscle mass
  • Boost stamina and endurance
  • Enhance muscle definition and tone
  • Reduce post-workout fatigue

But does Ultra Edge XL live up to its claims? Keep reading below to find out.

Ultra Edge XL Ingredients

Bodybuilders have been using branched chain amino acids for years to pack on lean muscle fast. Unfortunately, most BCAA supplements only contain a few, and they aren't always the best ones for your muscle building goals. Ultra Edge XL contains seven of them, and they're the perfect combination of aminos that you need for harder, longer workouts with reduced recovery time between gym sessions.

Ultra Edge XL's proprietary muscle building formula contains this potent blend of BCAAs in an optimal ratio, as well as Panax ginseng and AstraGin for maximum effectiveness. But how do these ingredients help you build muscle?

  • Ornithine - When you work out - especially if you're working out hard enough to build the muscular physique of a Greek god - elevated ammonia levels in your bloodstream are an inevitable by-product of the process. Ornithine binds to these particles and helps your kidneys excrete them more quickly, leading to less soreness and quicker recovery.
  • Glutamine - If you want to lift the heaviest weight and get the biggest pump, then you're going to need glutamine surging through your bloodstream during your most intense workouts. Glutamine is important because, although it's one of the most prolific amino acids in the human body, it gets depleted quickly and in large amounts after an insane workout.
  • Glycine - Lots of meatheads supplement with creatine in order to build big, strong muscles quickly. But you'll actually get better results if you take Glycine instead, and let your body convert it into a more natural form of creatine.
  • Isoleucine - After you're done going beast mode in the gym, you're going to need something to help you repair and recover so that you can get back in the weight room as soon as possible. Isoleucine does exactly that. It balances your nitrogen levels, preserves lean muscle mass so that you don't lose any progress between gym sessions, and can even help improve focus and mental clarity.
  • Lysine and Valine - You can't really talk about lysine and valine separately; you will get better results packing on pounds of lean muscle when these two amino acids work together. Your muscles will repair themselves faster and bigger if you have loads of Lysine and Valine in your system.
  • Arginine - Arginine is the king of branched chain amino acids. It helps dilate your blood vessels and increases blood flow, sending blood surging into your muscles for the biggest pump you've ever had in your life.
  • Panax ginseng - Panax ginseng hails from the cold, mountainous regions of Northeast Asia, spanning across parts of both Russia and China. Compared to other forms of ginseng, Panax ginseng is especially effective at enhancing blood flow to the brain. You'll get the enhanced cognitive function you need to focus intensely on your workouts. Get ready to push through whatever mental blocks tell you to give up and quit whenever you start to feel tired or discouraged.
  • AstraGin - Sure, there are workout supplements out there which contain most of the BCAAs that you will find in Ultra Edge XL. A few of them may even contain Panax ginseng in addition to these powerfully effective branched chain amino acids. But not one single competing product contains AstraGin. This unique proprietary compound helps your body absorb as much of the active ingredients as humanly possible. No other bodybuilding stack on the market today can make that claim. This is the main reason why Ultra Edge XL is more powerful and more effective than any other supplement you could possibly buy.

Does Ultra Edge XL Work?

Ultra Edge XL provides your body with everything it needs to build lean muscle fast. From the very first day they tried it, our testers reported increased strength and endurance. Many users reported doubling or even tripling the length of their workout and every single person who tested it out mentioned seeing a dramatic increase in both muscle size and definition.

  • Pack on lean muscle
  • Drastically increase stamina and endurance
  • Burn fat to fuel your workout
  • Avoid post-workout fatigue

Ultra Edge XL received a perfect 5 out of 5 for its performance. It contains some of the best BCAAs that money can buy, it has the proprietary compound AstraGin to help you get more fuel where you need it most, and it's easier to use then even the most expensive protein shake. We've seen our share of decent muscle building supplements before, but Ultra Edge XL is the only one that looks like it can help you get ultra-huge and ultra-strong, ultra-fast.

Buy Ultra Edge XL

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