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Growth Tech

Rated: 3 out of 5
by BuildMuscle.com

Best product to build muscle Hyped as a human growth hormone product, the makers of Growth Tech (Body Tech) seem to be unusually reticent about the product and the ingredients, which aren't readily available when searching the product online.

Growth Tech is supposed to increase muscle mass and, at the same time, promote fat burning for the serious work out warriors, not the novice trainer.

Growth Tech Review

Although advertised as a human growth hormone product, there is no evidence or literature that advocates Growth Tech will do the same things as other HGH products, such as promoting firmer and younger looking skin, improving memory, hearing and vision, and less fatigue. There are some reviews that claim Growth Tech helps improve muscle building, strength and fat burning. Those customers that are looking for more from an HGH product should probably consider other supplements that promote the anti-aging elements of HGH.

Growth Tech Ingredients

Growth Tech contains Mucuna Pruriens extract, Alpha GPC, and Bacopa Monniera Extract, although, as stated earlier, the ingredients are not readily disclosed on an official website. Also, there are no ingredients that spur pituitary gland generation of HGH such as the proper amino acids and pituitary extracts. This seems unusual but maybe not singular in the world of HGH supplements, but having no content that reveals how these ingredients work in the body is odd.

Does Growth Tech Work?

According to some product reviews Growth Tech does increase muscle mass but there is not an abundant amount of reviews available to the public. And these reviews seem to come from experienced weight lifters and body builders rather than the typical consumer looking to prosper from the benefits of an HGH supplement. With that in mind it appears that some good can come from taking a cycle of Growth Tech if you are a body builder. A cycle is two capsules in the morning and two after a workout for three to four weeks, followed by a one to two week reprieve. The problem with Growth Tech is the ingredients don't fit the type of product it's advertised as, an HGH product. So in reality it doesn't work as an HGH product, and doesn't even have the proper ingredients that the majority of HGH products consist of.

Buy Growth Tech

The most appealing aspect of Growth Tech is the price, estimated at $22 a bottle. But you can't count on free shipping or discounts on bulk rates, although to be fair $22 for a month's supply is a very good deal. But red flags continue to pop up regarding the ingredients, the lack of explanation on how the ingredients work and the simple deficiency in the literature available on Growth Tech. It's uncommon for a legitimate supplement producer in the body building realm and the HGH arena not to have at least the minimum amount of information regarding their product. And the most important matter concerning any product is the ingredients - you have to know exactly what the ingredients are, why they are in the product and how they work. Growth Tech is not clear on those points.

What's the Next Step?

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