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Iso Whey Zero: Is It Safe? Does It Work?

Rated: 3.5 out of 5
by BuildMuscle.com

Best product to build muscle The claims for the bodybuilding supplement BioMuscle XR are that it ensures that you will be able to achieve a top level physical figure and do so by ensuring that your workouts produce optimum benefits in accordance with your goals.So, your dream to be fast is falling a little short. What's a serious track star or star in the making supposed to do when they've done everything their coach has told them do, everything thing every book and every strength, stretching, mental resilience and running guru has told them the absolutely must do? The answer may not always be clear but the one thing the best will always tell you is this- if you want to be a star then you have to act like a star and that means you have to always keep looking, keep searching for every advantage you can get. That means everything from the having the right shoes to the right workout to the right nutrition and sleep regimens to the right supplements. So, as always, our goal today is to look closely at one of the many products on the market to determine if it is a stud or a dud. And today that particular product is Iso Whey Zero.

Inside Iso Whey Zero

Iso Whey Zero

According to the manufacturer's label Iso Whey Zero is the perfect addition to any athlete's daily nutritional regimen. It contains no sugar and no trans-fats and, therefore, is exactly what an aspiring track star needs to reach their goals. Introduced by BioTech USA, is a perfect combination of pure protein and a wide array of amino acids known to be absolutely essential in increasing lean muscle mass and helping to promote the speed of muscle group recovery in post workout.

How Does It Work?

As a protein powder, Iso Whey Zero makes a lot of claims which center around the fact that is contains a unusual list of ingredients that are designed to create lean muscle mass and a lot of it. It does so by a combination of reducing built up body fat while building muscle.

According to the manufacturer, this combined effect is produced through the use of a a proprietary technology they call "cross-flow micro filtering." This is achieved by promoting the rapid introduction of high quality protein into the user's circulatory system. The process allows nutrients and oxygen to flow with greatly enhanced freedom to the targeted muscle groups for a speedy intake and enhanced performance of the metabolic process. In addition, the isolated proteins work more efficiently because they are free of unwanted fats and lactose content.


As stated earlier, Iso Whey Zero is a proprietary blend of protein and comes in several different flavors. It may be barely worth mentioning here but there is a small variance of up to a few percentage points in the actual amount of protein depending on the flavor.

Essential Amino Acids - These amino acids are considered essential because without their active components the metabolic processes would not occur.

Conditionally Essential Amino Acids - Although not considered essential, these amino acids are quite necessary to get the full benefits of throughout the circulatory system.

Nonessential Amino Acids - Considered by some to be unnecessary, the "nonessential" elements are added to create a well rounded blend.

A clinical study conducted at The University of Vermont was commissioned to measure the effects on a test group of athletes and it was discovered the introduction of amino acids did not have an significant effect with regard to the absorption of proteins by the targeted muscle groups. Conversely, there were significant decreases in the pattern of protein disbursement within those same muscle groups. The main takeaway from these results is that there is an increased anabolic effect which could lead to an increase in the rate of muscle growth.

Another study at a Canadian research institute provided evidence that a link type amino acid introduced orally may increase the level of NH3 in muscle groups in workouts and prevent the loss of protein in targeted muscle structures.


  • At a concentration of 97%, this product claims to have the highest level of protein of any similar product.
  • The formula also contains multiple amino acid links. Multiple studies on the subject have concluded that these amino acids in the proper chain of intake can have a significant effect on NH3 levels.
  • At $60.19 per container, this product comes with a ninety day supply at a price that is in line with many similar products.
  • With no added sugar, fats or lactose this formula is specifically designed for bodybuilders and athletes of all types.


  • Because of Iso Whey Zero's desire to be appealing in taste, this product claims to be completely free of sugar and fat. However, it should be noted that it actually lists a small amount of sugar and fat in its list of contents.
  • This product should not be taken by users with known allergic reactions to products.
  • Because of the fragile nature of many of the ingredients it is very important for users to follow storage instructions extremely carefully.

Pricing and Dosages

Iso Whey Zero is designed to be used every morning and following every workout session. Each serving equals 25 grams of the formula, which is combined with 200ml of skimmed milk or cold water. The formula should be taken every morning, as well as after a workout session. Off training days have their own schedule which is spelled out quite adequately.

Side Effects

Although research shows that there are no known side effects associated with the use of this product it is, as always, recommended that anyone considering using this product consult with a qualified medical professional before starting.

Our Conclusion

As we discussed at the beginning of this article, to achieve the highest personal level of success, any athlete must learn to maximize every aspect of their training regimen. From workouts to nutrition to sleep to the supplements they choose, every athlete needs to make the best possible choices to help them reach the ultimate potential.

So, when it comes to the supplement side of things and, in particular, the need to boost protein levels for highly targeted gains, muscle building and stamina, choosing the right one is especially important. Looking at Iso Whey Zero, there are many factors to consider in determining if it is one of those best choices. To do that, let's recap the key factors.

This product, as promoted, does deliver a high level of needed protein for muscle building and stamina at a reasonable cost and without any recognized side effects. However, the fact that it advertises itself to be completely sugar free and fat free only to then list certain and unspecified amount of both sugar and fat leave us to believe there may be more here than meets the eye.

In the end, what every potential user of a supplement of this nature needs to know is that there are many high quality, well recognized and trusted formulas on the market today. And, even though Iso Whey Zero has several positives we do not feel that it, in its current form, fits into the top tier levels of protein powder supplements on the market today.

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