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How To Build Lean Muscle

Best product to build muscle When bodybuilding, the goal is to develop lean muscle mass while bulking up and to avoid gaining body fat in the process. This is best accomplished by selecting the appropriate foods for increasing caloric intake at the precise level needed to build lean muscle. It is important not to add an excess amount of daily calories, as this will be stored as excess fat instead of lean tissue.

Bodybuilders should aim for a diet that is protein and carbohydrate-rich while being careful to eat low amounts of saturated fat. Meal timing is also crucial to the process of building lean muscle. Carbohydrates should be consumed at breakfast time before a workout, and protein should be the main source of nutrition afterward.

To build lean muscle effectively, carbs should be limited on non-workout days. Not a fan of sticking to a high protein diet? Consider an arginine supplement to enhance your protein intake instead.

Build Chest Muscle for Great Pecs

Chest muscle is best developed through the use of free weights, which allow bodybuilders to have full range of motion. Bench presses, using either dumbbells or barbells, are the foundation to building chest muscle.

There are three main forms of bench presses: incline (for the upper chest), flat (for the mid chest), and decline (for the lower chest). The bench press exercise works the chest muscle through repeated lifting and lowering of the weights. Dumbbell flies are another popular chest exercise.

Building Arm Muscle: Biceps & Triceps

To build arm muscle, choose exercises that develop the biceps and triceps. Bicep curls are done with dumbbells and have several variations (concentration, preacher, and incline) that provide quick results in the increase of arm muscle.

Tricep dips, push-ups, and push-downs are also major elements of a program that targets the muscles of the arm.

How To Build Leg Muscle for Killer Calves

There are many ways to build leg muscle, and bodybuilders can incorporate all of them into a program. Riding a stationary bicycle works the hamstrings and quads, standing calf raises target the lower portion of the leg, and lunges or squats work extremely well throughout the entire leg to build muscle.

What's the Next Step?

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