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Alpha Limit: Is It Safe? Does It Work?

Rated: 3.5 out of 5
by BuildMuscle.com

Best product to build muscle So, you want to have the body of a god - chiseled muscle, a living statue walking among lesser men. Let's face it, we all do. The problem with achieving that goal is that the only real way to get there is by using steroids. The problem with that is that steroids are associated with a long laundry list of side effects that can cause extremely serious health risks and even death. But, you say, so many of the world's top athletes have and continue to use steroids to get the results that have made them titans. And, you say, maybe the risks are worth taking. To that, we say, are you crazy? Not only are steroids illegal and banned by every reputable sports entity in the world but they are expensive and are likely to cause your more problems than they're worth.

Besides, why go down that road with substances that are so dangerous and illegal and, let's face it, a cheater's way out, when there is an alternative that takes the best attributes of anabolic steroids has to offer and leaves the worst. I mean, come on, don't you want the ability to build massive amounts of lean muscle mass while burning fat like a steam engine furnace without suffering from "Roid Rage" and turning your liver, kidneys, heart and other vital organs into diseased gelatinous wrecks? Sure you do, and, fortunately, there are now real alternatives that are both safe to use and, just as importantly, legal to use. To put is simply, they are supplemental powders like Creatine and whey proteins based supplements. And today, as part of our ongoing effort to help our readers determine which of these available supplements is right for them. With that in mind, we have decided to look at one of the supplements that is getting a lot of attention at this time. It's called Alpha Limit.

Inside Alpha Limit

Alpha Limit

Created by the Alpha Limits Company, Alpha Limit is hailed as a bodybuilder's dream come true in that it is a holistic male muscle enhancement formula made from natural ingredients. According to available information, the company claims that the formula is a result of years of research and development by a group of scientists and researchers with a long history of developing products for the bodybuilding industry.

The key claim of the company is that, as long as the user follows some strict requirements as to the conditions under which the product is stored and cared for, the user can expect to achieve overall results that are extremely similar to the results than can be achieved with anabolic steroids as related to growth of lean muscle mass.

The Ingredients

Alpha Limit has opted to use what is known as a proprietary blend of ingredients which simply means that they have withheld some key information regarding the exact formulation of the product from the public. Normally, this is a way to key the formula a secret from its competitors. Unfortunately, this tactic also has the effect of preventing users from understanding some key specifics about the product that they may care to know. With that said, here is a list of ingredients as we understand them.

  • L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate - An amino acid that is essential for the increased production of nitric oxide in the bloodstream. As part of a chain reaction, increased levels of nitric oxide allow for higher levels of nutrients and oxygen to flow more easily to muscle tissue which, in turn, facilitates the rapid growth with an emphasis on faster and higher quality muscle formation.
  • Creatine HCL - A key element in any formula designed for muscle growth, Creatine is known to increase endurance during workout sessions, burn fat at accelerated rates and facilitate greater muscle recovery times in order to maximize benefits from a strict physical regimen.
  • L-Citrulline Malate - A leading element known for its properties related to promoting and maintaining cardiovascular health, this amino acid is an excellent example of the type of ingredients all top tier supplements should include.

Although not recommended in some schools of thought, Alpha Limit adds a substantial amount of caffeine as a mental and cognitive skills enhancer.

User Reviews

When key information is unavailable we always find that looking at user reviews is very helpful in determining the effectiveness of the product. In the case of Alpha Limit the fact that they keep a fair amount of critical details secret by labeling the product formula as proprietary. However, looking at a large number of independent user reviews from a variety of sources it is easy to see that Alpha Limit is having trouble living up to its claims. The overwhelming opinion of online users is that, no matter how carefully they followed the provided instructions with regard to usage and storage, these individuals did not feel that they received anywhere near the benefits they expected.

The Upside

  • An ingredient list of all natural elements based on a holistic formula designed to achieve the same type of gains produced with the use of anabolic steroids
  • A formula designed to increase lean muscle mass, burn fat and promote endurance in order to maximize the benefits of a strict physical regimen
  • High performing amino acids that promote the production of nitric oxide which facilitates the absorption rates of nutrients and oxygen by muscle tissue
  • Promotes and helps maintain cardiovascular health

The Downside

  • An ingredient list that, although rich in many essential elements, lacks a number of well-recognized elements found in top-tier male muscle enhancers
  • Independent user reviews are mostly negative
  • Money back guarantee is not on the same level as top-tier manufacturers


At $148.00 for a one month supply of sixty capsules (taken two per day), Alpha Limit finds itself far more expensive than most products of this nature and even above average compared to the top level products with the highest ratings.

We advise anyone considering the purchase of this product to fully examine the money back guarantee as there are many negative user reviews that refer to problems with the company when trying to take advantage of the offer.

Our Conclusion

As we talked about at the beginning of this review, there is now a wide assortment of alternatives to the use of anabolic steroids in the pursuit of a god-like body. If what you want is to reach the highest levels of fitness and become a bodybuilder supreme, a man among boys and a titan of the field of physical battle, then you can do so without risking your body and your mind and without breaking the rules and the law.

The fact is, when it comes to muscle building, fat burning, endurance boosting male supplements, there are many levels. Some of these supplements have a long and legendary history of delivering what they promise and an army of grateful fans. Some even have legendary athletes who gladly sing their praises. Still there are far too many that are little more than colorful powders and capsules with no more power to give you what you need to become everything you want, everything you can be, than a couple of spoons of sugar.

Depending on how you want to look at it, Alpha Limit falls somewhere between these extremes. It is certainly not a pitifully colorful capsule with no real benefit. On the other hand, its limited list of highly recognized ingredients has two major failings. The first is that it leaves out critical information needed to truly quantify its elements. The second is that is clearly lacks several key ingredients that are common among the very best male muscle enhancers available on the market today. In the end, we can only say to any serious bodybuilder that there are far superior products for a real man to use as a means to reach his goal of becoming a living god.

For more information on the top-tier male muscle enhancement supplements available today, click here.

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