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BCAAs: The Supplement Every Serious Bodybuilder Shouldn't Live Without

Best product to build muscle Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and are found throughout the body. Specifically, branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) have been found to aid in maintaining and building lean muscle mass and increasing energy and endurance during workouts. Leucine, isoleucine and valine are the three BCAAs. They are referred to as branched-chain amino acids because of their chemical structure. BCAAs make up about 1/3 of muscle mass and are essential amino acids, which means they have to be obtained by supplementation or through diet. BCAAs can be found in foods like lean proteins, eggs and nuts.

BCAAs are an important element of any workout and nutrition plan because they go straight to muscles and don't have to go through the liver. They also help decrease mental fatigue and improve mood. Research has shown that BCAAs decrease serotonin in the brain. BCAA supplements are popular among athletes and bodybuilders who strength train regularly, as well as those who need to increase their endurance.

What do BCAAs do?

BCAAs promote fat oxidation, meaning that during workouts, they make the body burn fat instead of muscle. Especially when someone is on a low calorie diet, the body is prone to burning muscle instead of fat because it is trying to hold onto its fat stores.

The result of this encouraged fat oxidation through BCAAs is muscle mass maintenance, increased energy for longer, more intense workouts, and increased stamina. Instead, the BCAAs are converted into energy within the muscle. Taking BCAA supplements turns your body into a virtual muscle-building factory because it enhances a variety of aspects of muscle metabolism.

BCAAs help you battle through your workouts mentally by decreasing serotonin, a hormone that negatively impacts mood and leads to depression. BCAAs also aid in faster recovery, which is an important benefit for anyone trying to stick to a workout routine. Unlike a lot of other muscle-building supplements and substances, BCAAs do not have harmful side effects. Heart-related side effects are common among muscle-building supplements, but BCAAs do not carry this risk.

Where Can I Find BCAAs?

BCAAs must be obtained through diet or supplementation and people generally get what they need through the average healthy diet. For muscle building purposes, however, the amount of BCAAs needed for effective muscle building is difficult to get through diet alone. Those looking to build muscle with the help of BCAAs would have to eat large quantities of lean animal proteins, nuts and eggs each day, such as six whole eggs or nine egg whites in one sitting. If someone tried to eat that much food, while it would be beneficial for BCAAs, it could be detrimental to muscle building goals because of the high calorie and fat counts. If muscle building is the goal, supplementation is the most cost efficient and diet-friendly to obtain BCAAs.

What's the Next Step?

The most serious bodybuilders know they can't reach their goals through diet and exercise alone. Although a careful diet and an intense workout routine can go a long way, it's difficult to get all of the muscle-building elements needed for a superior sculpted body without some kind of supplement. Rather than go with something illegal or a supplement that has a high risk of damaging side effects, a high-quality alpha amino supplement like Ultra Edge XL is a smart choice to help anyone reach their bodybuilding goals. Ultra Edge XL is easy to take; just one or two pills with a meal. Increase in rep max and decrease in recovery time should be noticeable within 24 hours. Try Ultra Edge XL for just the cost of shipping today to try it out and start seeing the muscle building effects.

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