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How to Build Muscle Fast

It doesn't matter whether you're a gym rat or a couch potato; if you're trying to build muscle fast, then you have a very specific set of challenges ahead of you. Things like your testosterone levels, your age, your "morph" type, your overall genetics, and more all play a factor in how fast you can build muscle - or if you can even build muscle at all!

One of the ways aspiring athletes get around these challenges is to take muscle building supplements either before a workout, after, or both. Many of these formulas contain amino acids, protein, energy-boosting stimulants, or even natural ingredients which help encourage the male body to pack on muscle and melt away body fat. while certain muscle building supplements only focus on one type of the categories we just described, some mix, match, and combine dozens of different ingredients to create the perfect muscle building stack.

Based on our research, the following supplements are the very best legally available muscle-building aids. Where does this information come from? Not only are we bodybuilding enthusiasts ourselves, we stay abreast of scientific studies and industry publications. We poll our visitors. We constantly search for new reviews and forum posts reviewing bodybuilding and muscle-building supplements. Based on all this information we summarize and list the very best products right here on our website for guys like you.

Rank Click for Reviews Rating Price Website
1 Ultra Edge XL review Free Trial Ultra Edge XL
2 NitroXL Review $94.95 Nitro XL
3 Antler Force $59.95 Antler Force
4 GenFX Free Trial GenFX
5 HGH Energizer Free Trial HGH Energizer
6 Learn more about Force Factor passive $68.99 Force Factor
7 Growth Tech passive $21.99 Growth Tech
8 ProBlen halfpassive $44.95 ProBlen
9 Genf20 HGH halfpassive $59.95 Genf20 HGH
10 Vital HGH half $39.95 Vital HGH
11 Maximum Result $62.99 Maximum Result
12 HGH1000 $64.50 HGH1000
13 HGH Surge $56.99 HGH Surge
14 HGH Dopa $44.99 HGH Dopa
15 Somnidren $59.99 Somnidren
16 Biogenica Review $32.99 Biogenica

How and Why We Rate These Muscle Building Supplements the Way We Do

The muscle-building supplements on this list all meet the following criteria:

  • All are 100% legal
  • All are available without a prescription - meaning you can purchase them either online or at your favorite supplement retailer with ease
  • None contain compounds that would create a false positive on a typical drug test
  • All have been widely used and reviewed by the bodybuilding community

On top of that, the supplements with our highest ratings all have the following in common:

They Boost Testosterone

Without tons of testosterone coursing through your veins 24/7, you simply can't build massive amounts of muscle with any semblance of speed. Most healthy males produce up to 10 times as much testosterone (or more) then their female counterparts. That's why men are so much stronger than women: because testosterone makes men = men, and our bodies use it to keep us strong and manly. Your genetics may limit you from producing enough testosterone to build muscle quickly. But with the natural testosterone boosting ingredients in the highest rated products on the list above, you can change all that.

How does this work? Well, testosterone has a powerful effect on the human body. Whenever a testosterone molecule wants to enter a muscle cell, it kicks down the door and forces its way in. Other, inferior hormones and molecules have to wait their turn and hope some transport molecule lets them in, like a bouncer at a nightclub. Testosterone can even directly influence the nucleus of a cell and switch it into muscle-building mode. This is known as "protein synthesis". Long story short, it commands your muscle cell to use the amino acids at its disposal in order to build that cell back up bigger and stronger then it was before your last workout. The more testosterone you have, the more protein synthesis will happen and the more muscle cells it will happen to. This is what causes you to build pound after pound of muscle at record speed.

They Contain All the Right Amino Acids

Not all amino acids are created equal. Furthermore, if you don't get the right branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) in the right ratios, it can throw your whole system out of whack. Amino acids like l-arginine help increase blood flow so that you can force massive amounts of nutrients into your muscles for that perfect pump. Amino acids like glutamine can help with recovery and getting you back in the gym faster than you would be able to if you let your body heal on its own. So if you want to maximize the effectiveness of your workouts while cutting your recovery period to a fraction of what it normally is, you need to pay close attention to the amino acid blend in your bodybuilding stack.

They Give You Tons of Energy - Safely

Unfortunately, there are lots of pre-workout bodybuilding stacks which contain massive amounts of caffeine and chemical stimulants, among other things. Some people just take them blindly, unaware of how much these dangerous ingredients will shock their system. You won't find any of those in the top rated muscle building supplements above. Instead, you'll find natural ingredients which stimulate your body in the most efficient possible way. They'll give you the energy boost you need to both safely and effectively kill it in the gym.

They Have Physical Benefits Outside of the Gym, Too

If you really want to build muscle fast, you need to have tons of energy, some serious endurance, and a massive amount of enthusiasm for achieving your goals. But the gym isn't the only place where energy, endurance, and determination can give you the edge when it comes to your performance. There's (at least) one other area in a man's life where these factors come into play. Can you guess where?

If your answer was "in the bedroom", then congratulations. You get a gold star. Yes, most men want to build muscle for both self-improvement, and for the satisfaction of making all the betas rage with jealousy. But as big of a priority - if not a bigger - is to make all the ladies swoon. But being muscular and attractive enough to get them into bed is only half the battle. If you can go all night long, all night strong, and turn her on with your primal sexual prowess, every woman who gets the privilege of getting between your sheets will definitely keep coming back for more. Buyer beware, though: this can create a stage 5 clinger situation (or several) if you aren't careful!

If you are interested in a supplement that does not appear on this list, odds are it's because the supplement simply didn't make the cut. This list changes frequently, so please bookmark this page and check back often.