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Home Exercises To Build Muscle

Best product to build muscle People who are interested in bodybuilding but don't have regular access to a gym or training facility can easily do some muscle building exercises at home. These exercises are simple to follow and effective for improving the overall physique. Here are some exercise routines and equipment that can be used in the home in order to build and strengthen the muscles:

Using Dumbbells To Build Muscle

Dumbbells are an important part of any home-based muscle building program. They are much less expensive than exercise machines and do not need a lot of room for storage. Dumbbells are highly recommended for use in shoulder and arm exercises that use reps to build muscle.

Shoulder exercises

Shoulder exercises that include the use of dumbbells include Front Raises for working the anterior deltoids and the Y press for strengthening the anterior and medial deltoids.

Bicep Curls

One of the arm-centered muscle building exercises that require dumbbells are bicep curls. These can be performed as Preacher curls (in which the dumbbells are raised until arms are angled 90 degrees from the body), Concentration curls (where a dumbbell is raised over the head in the direction of the opposite shoulder), and Incline curls (where dumbbells are raised up from the floor when the bodybuilder is lying on a weight bench).

Tricep curls

Tricep curls such as the modified French press, and forearm exercises such as dumbbell hammer curls are other exercises that are performed with dumbbells.

Performing Squats To Build Muscle

Squats are very effective muscle building exercises for the legs and rear. They are often performed in conjunction with lunges and other lower body fitness routines that require reps to build muscle. Split squats, also known as elevated stationary lunges, involve placing the front foot on an elevated surface so that it is at a 90 degree angle from the grounded foot and then lowering and raising the torso. Bulgarian split squats are more challenging because the rear foot is elevated and the front foot is grounded. Bodybuilders who have access to a BOSU ball can use it to perform muscle building exercises known as lateral squats with one foot placed on the ball and the other off to the side.

Strength Training To Build Muscle

Strength training exercises such as weight training, resistance training (where the muscles are holding still in opposition to an outside force), and isometric training (which uses range of motion to strengthen the muscles) are very beneficial to the home workout routine. These training techniques also use reps to build muscle along with squats and dumbbell exercises.

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