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Superior Muscle X: Is It Safe? Does It Really Work?

Rated: 3.5 out of 5
by BuildMuscle.com

Best product to build muscle I'll tell you why you are reading this review - it's because you know that you're worthy of being with woman of, let's say, high caliber but you know that the product you are selling to them is a little lacking. Sure, you're a great guy - smart, funny and just what many of these women are always telling the would they want and need in a guy. The problem is that you know that your chances of meeting and getting somewhere with the women are little to none if you don't make a better first impression and that means making yourself look like the kind of man they want on the outside. The thing is that you know how hard it is to make significant changes to your body and working out does not always create the kind of obvious and serious changes to your physique. If only there was something that could help you in this department. Well, lucky for you, there are ways that you can boost or accelerate the benefits of working out to help you sculpt the kind of body that you want for yourself and that will make the ladies stand up and take notice, too. So, you ask, what is this miracle that you've been missing out on - it's something called a male enhancement supplement.

Male enhancement supplements have been around for a long time and, through scientific research, they have continued to evolve and become more robust and effective in helping men achieve the kind of results they want. And, when talking about results, it's not just helping to give men more muscle and burn fat to attract women, it's also in the area of helping guys, especially those over thirty boost their sexual drive and enhance their ability to perform in bed. So, if you're a guy who wants to look like a serious candidate to a beautiful woman and be a guy who has the drive and stamina to satisfy her the way a real man should then a high quality male enhancement supplement may be right for you. And, as part of our ongoing efforts to help our readers weave their way through the maze of products that have flooded the market in recent years we have decide to take a good, hard look at one of the most talked about products out there today - it's called Superior Muscle X.

About Serious Muscle X

Superior Muscle X

Surprisingly, for a male enhancement product that is getting so much buzz in the industry, there is little official information to be found online. For one thing, either they have no official website or their IT team is working very hard to make it difficult to find as an extensive search could find nothing. What we do know from online retailers that carry the product is that its formula is evidently a proprietary blend centered around L-Arginine as the main active ingredient.

How Superior Muscle X Works

L-Arginine is an essential amino acid that is necessary for chemical chain reaction in the body. First, it is believed, that the L-Arginine causes the creation of nitric oxide in the bloodstream which in turn helps to increase blood flow to key areas of the body and improves the distribution of both oxygen and nutrients to muscle tissues, organs and, most importantly, to the penis to improve the size and durations of erections. Other active ingredients also assist in the production of other key elements that supercharge libido to increase natural sex drive which, again, is statistically waning by around two percent per year in men over thirty.

Superior Muscle X Positives

  • Increases production of nitric oxide in the system to improve blood flow
  • Boosts stamina and endurance especially during sexual activity
  • Improves libido lost to lowered testosterone levels

Superior Muscle X Negatives

  • Above average price for similar products
  • Product claims are not supported by clinical trials
  • Independent user reviews are mostly unfavorable

User Reviews

Usually, products such as Superior Muscle X employ a large amount of positive user testimonials on their official websites and other marketing material. Since we be find little to no information where testimonials and reviews might be used we went looking for them on industry related websites and chat rooms dedicated to the subject. Although we did find a fair amount of independent user reviews we were a little surprised to discover that there were far fewer than we could find for many of Superior Muscle X's main competitors. Regardless, the majority of the independent user reviews that we did find did not shed a very positive light on the product. The most common comment that we saw was that users did not see any noticeable results from its use. Many reviews made note that they had used the product as instructed for several months before deciding to stop using it.

Medical Precautions

As always, it is advisable to consult with you primary care physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning use of this or similar products. This is especially true with products offering such limited information as to their ingredients due to the possibility of issues related to allergies or other medical concerns.

Superior Muscle X Pricing

Although finding an actual retailer who had Superior Muscle X available and in stock was a little challenging we did make note that the price of above average compared to similar items. A one month supply was listed at $98.63 but they also offered free trials that should be examined closely before agreeing to them.

Our Final Conclusion

Given that the goal for millions of men around the world who seek out a male enhancement supplement is to improve their physique and make themselves more attractive to more attractive woman it would be pretty pointless to spend money on a product and spend time and a whole lot of sweat equity building up muscle only to find that male enhancement supplement wasn't doing its job. Unfortunately, this happens far too often because of the high number of less than quality products trying to get their slice of the multi-billion dollar male enhancement supplement business. And, avoiding these lesser quality products and finding the best available can be difficult in light of the fact that many of these inferior products come from companies that subscribe to the strategy that it doesn't matter if your product is no good as long as you have a good sales campaign.

When it comes to Superior Muscle X it seems that neither theory really applies since their official website, assuming they have one, could not be found in a more than reasonable internet search and there is little to no other marketing info that we could find. Put all that together with surprisingly poor independent user reviews and what you come up with is a product that does little to prove that it should be considered among the best the industry has to offer.

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