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Pure Muscle X: Will It Really Work to Build Muscle?

Rated: 3.5 out of 5
by BuildMuscle.com

Best product to build muscle So, you say you're in the market for a supplement that will help you bulk up and greatly increase the lean muscle mass any serious bodybuilder is looking for. The only real question you have is: What's the right product for me? Sure, you talk to other guys and they tell you about this product and that product and whether it worked for them. But that's key issue here. It worked for them but will it work for you? Of course, you say, how could it not? Well, the reasons could be as simple as this other guy you know has a strong genetic profile, a fantastic workout regimen and a first rate dietary plan - Meaning that whatever supplement he's taking may or may not be the reason he's getting the great results he's getting.

Let's face it, the world of testosterone building is filled with new and exciting looking promises and it's not always easy to figuring out which products actually work and which ones are really just along for the ride with users who are doing everything else right and being led to believe that the supplement they're taking should get all the credit for their success. So, as part of our ongoing effort to help our readers find the best available products we are here today to look at a much talked about body building supplement call Pure Muscle X.

The Basics

Pure Muscle X

Pure muscle X is a testosterone boosting supplement designed to produce lean muscle mass while increasing energy levels and balancing bodily functions during and after high intensity workouts. It also claims to have a stimulative effect on mental well-being and drive. Each bottle of Pure Muscle X is priced at $89.95 plus an additional $7.95 shipping and handling charge and is available through its official website.

Inside Pure Muscle X

Pure Muscle X is supposed to provide maximum energy and stamina during periods of intense physical training and to promote the highest levels of muscle recovery. It is purported to work by boosting testosterone levels far beyond the limits of any normal male could achieve without the assistance of a high quality supplement.

This allows the user to make the most of their workouts by providing the necessary energy levels to fully and completely exercise each muscle group with energy to spare and hastens the recovery period to ensure that even the most ambitious workout regimens can stay on pace for maximum results in the shortest possible time frame.

Pure Muscle X Ingredients

  • L-Arginine - Increases the production of the natural hormone (testosterone) required for the building of lean muscle mass and the best possible intake of nutrients in a healthy diet. It changes form once ingested into the body for optimum functioning.
  • Glutamine - A natural amino acid produced in the muscle cells of the body. During periods of intense workouts this naturally produced element is essential in preventing high levels of muscle fatigue associated with this type of demanding physical activity.
  • A-KIC - Another critical amino acid necessary for the production of nitric oxide in the blood stream which maximizes the flow of nutrients to stressed muscle tissue leading to an increase in the muscle's ability to regenerate and grow because of a high level boost to stamina and endurance during workouts.
  • OKG - A third important amino acid necessary for maximizing the growth of lean muscle mass.

Pros and Cons


  • Works to prevent muscle fatigue.
  • Promotes stamina and endurance thus guarantees maximum results from intensive work out sessions.
  • Maximizes energy levels throughout entire workout.
  • All natural ingredient list is safe for sustained use.
  • Increases lean muscle mass for fast transformation of male physique features.
  • Decreases workout recovery time frame.
  • Easy to digest capsule form.
  • Promotes the burning of excess fat deposits.
  • Contains no artificial flavors or fillers.
  • Money back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.


  • This product is not recommended for woman.
  • This product is not recommended for males under eighteen years of age.
  • This product is not available in retail outlets - only through official website.

How to use Pure Muscle X

Because Pure Muscle X contains testosterone boosting elements it is advised that the user follow the dosage instructions carefully and not to exceed them. The recommended dosage is two tablets prior to each workout along with sufficient quantities of water for maximum dilution and hydration.

Pure muscle X Side Effects

Although the ingredient list for Pure Muscle X claims to be made of all natural ingredients it should be noted that claims that this formula has been clinically tested and has shown no known side effects cannot be verified. As always, it is advisable to anyone considering the use of this type of supplement to consult with a qualified medical professional before beginning use.

Pure Muscle X User Reviews

The official website for Pure Muscle X provides ample user reviews most of which are of an overly positive nature. However, research of more independent user reviews from outside sources shows a significantly different and largely unfavorable experience from users. Even though it is no surprise that the producers of Pure Muscle X would choose to highlight positive reviews it's clear that, when looking at the aggregate of available user reviews, the vast majority of independent user reviews were of a negative nature.

To clarify, the majority of the negative reviews seemed to center around the perception that Pure Muscle X was ineffective and not related to any issue regarding safety or any experience related to side effects.

The Conclusion

As stated at the beginning of this review, the main question for any serious man determined to achieve the goal of developing a top physique is not should he take a muscle building supplement but which supplement is going to help him attain the results he wants.

From this point of view we took a hard look at what Pure Muscle X has to offer compared to its many competitors. Even more importantly, anyone should want to know how this product stacks up against the top tier competitors on the market today.

When one looks at the ingredient list you will find that, although the elements are generally well-regarded for their properties that promote the increase of nitric oxide, blood flow and nutrient absorption, the overall composition of the formula is lacking against many major players in the game.

Add to that, the lack of retail outlets where Pure Muscle X is available and the overall poor performance among independently published user reviews would lead any experienced bodybuilder questioning the veracity of this product's claims.

In the end, there are so many truly great muscle building supplements on the market that it is easy to see that Pure Muscle X does not fit into the top levels.

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