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Equibolin Review

Rated: 3.2 out of 5
by BuildMuscle.com

Best product to build muscle Very few people who eventually become serious bodybuilders know that this is the path they are embarking on when they first take up this lofty pursuit. Still, even those who take up the sport in the first place are showing that they have at least the basic desire to improve themselves and the body that is the vehicle which will carry them through life. But, at some point in time, everyone who engages in bodybuilding at some level will come to the point where they will come to a crossroads where a profound choice must be made. This choice is what separates the truly dedicated from those who see bodybuilding as a hobby or just fun. This choice involves the decision to take the road less traveled which requires a series of other choices that will come which must be made in order to reach the highest levels of achievement versus the path that can only lead to a life of mediocrity.

For those who will take the path that can lead to greatness the choices that lie ahead revolve around making the right decisions when it comes to training techniques and even the regimen related to the use of recovery periods. It also involves another series of choices based on nutrition and the myriad of options that come with that subject. Yet, another set of choices comes into play when one faces all of the questions around bodybuilding supplements.

Now, there are many dedicated bodybuilders and other top level athletes who have studied and have a great understanding of the role that supplements can and do play in their ultimate success but not everyone can see just how important these enhancers are or the history of them in relation to the sport. Perhaps the biggest thing to understand about supplements is that they provide the truly dedicated with the raw elements needed to achieve massive gains that would never be possible without them. And, the fact is that each new generation of supplements has been able to improve upon the formulations of the previous generations which means that each new generation of bodybuilders has the ability to achieve results that even the generation before them could achieve with all other things being equal.

Looking at the multitude of options on the market for dietary bodybuilding supplements there are a number of categories which must be considered as they offer different benefits but the most important of these is likely those which are designed to boost overall levels of testosterone which is critical to being able to make massive gains in increased muscle production.

The main issue when it comes to this category of supplements, and all the others, as well, is that the industry which produces them has found itself deluged with an ever growing number of products mainly due to the fact that more and more producers are attempting to get their share of an ever growing market which has become a multi-billion dollar worldwide industry in recent years. And, it has been shown in numerous recent studies that many of these newer products, as well as some older ones, just do not measure up well against the very best that the industry has been putting out for decades.

Further, with this being the case, it is easy to see how these facts are leading to a great deal of frustration and confusion among bodybuilders and other high level athletes as they try to determine which of all of these far too many options will likely work best for them.

Taking all of these facts into consideration we, as a part of our continuing mission to help our many valued readers find all of the products that will get them the results that they deserve, has chosen to take a long hard look at one of the most highly publicized testosterone boosting bodybuilding supplements out there on the market today - it's called Equibolin.

Equibolin Basics


The key facts to know about the producer of Equibolin are that it is produced in the United States by a firm near Atlanta, Georgia known as Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. This company is known for a long line of bodybuilding supplements covering a wide range of purposes and has been around for many years. In general, their approach to supplement usage is based on the theory of stacking which means that they would generally promote any single product not as a stand-alone item but one which should be combined or stacked with others in order to achieve the best possible results.

Equibolin Ingredients

This product is said to contain a proprietary blend of anabolic natural steroid compounds including Hydroxy-1 and androstadien-17-1 undecanoate as well as the following.

  • 1-Andro: A prohormone that is designed to convert less useful hormones into highly beneficial testosterone.
  • 4-Andro: A secondary form of testosterone prohormone.
  • Rhaponticum Carthamoides: A compound made from the Maral root which is widely used to increase strength and performance across numerous athletic pursuits.
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose: Used to produce dietary bulk for increased absorption but often with side effects related to an effect much like a laxative.
  • Phosphatidylcholine: An all-natural element found in soybeans, eggs and mustard seeds which is often used to improve certain functions such as boosting the immune system, memory loss and circulation issues.
  • Hydroxypropyl Beta Cyclodextrin (HPBCD): Shown in some studies to retard the advance of Niemann-Pick disease.

It should be pointed out that the complete lack of L-Arginine, which is universally considered a prime ingredient in any top-grade testosterone builder is something that needs to be questioned when it comes to this product.

Equibolin And The Science

Having a solid understanding of the ingredients used in the making of any product, especially those which are designed to produce a chemical change in one's body is always a good thing as it can help to establish whether or not the product contains all of the most beneficial and desired elements as well as whether or not it might contain other, less desirable elements such as those which may produce unwanted side effects including possible allergic reactions. That said, there are other forms of detailed information which can offer those who want to know more a far more detailed understanding of the product and its specific formulation. This could be found in any data derived from any research, studies or clinical trials which might have been conducted but which is often not required in many products of this nature depending on the country or region of a country it comes from.

A close examination of all of the available data both from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals as well as numerous industry sources did not reveal any credible or verifiable reports which would offer any support to the many claims being put forth for this product.

User Reviews And Testimonials

There was a time in the years before the widespread use of the internet by the general population and, especially consumers where people had to mainly rely on the information provided by the producers of products and services. And, if one goes back far enough, they would see that there was a period not that long ago where producers were not even required to list the full set of ingredients in their products. Of course, this is now all in the past, but the key point is that today's consumers have access to the experiences of literally millions of other consumers. And, as a result, are now equipped with a base of knowledge that puts them head and shoulders above the predecessors of the pre-internet era. The one problem that has come about due to this advancement is the fact that most major companies are now working to shake the confidence of people who read poor reviews of the products by creating or encouraging content which is more favorable to them and their products or services. This being the case we always endeavor to find sources of less biased user comments.

In a review of numerous sites within the bodybuilding supplements industry and having no known affiliation to Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals or Equibolin plus a wide array of online forums and chat rooms with a history of discussing testosterone boosting products we were able to find a large selection of independent user reviews for this product. A look at the overall user satisfaction ratings for Equibolin show that a large majority of these independent reviewers did not believe that Equibolin provided them with any significant increase in muscle mass gain. And, those that had tried other products of this nature did not appear to believe it was as good as several other products which they had used in the past.

Is Equibolin Safe?

Returning to the stated list of ingredients, it can be said that many of the listed elements are used in a number of other products of a similar nature and with no apparent or significant history of side effects or other medical issues. Still, it is highly advised that potential users consult with their primary care physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning regular use of this product or any other with a similar chemical composition.

How To Buy Equibolin

This product and be purchased through an official product website where a sixty capsule bottle is currently priced at $89.95. It should be noted that this price point is well above that of many testosterone boosting supplements of a similar nature. Also, a search of several well-established online retailers did not turn up any other options for purchasing this product.

The Equibolin Conclusion

As discussed at the top of this review, those bodybuilders who choose to take the path that leads to a serious pursuit of the ultimate body will have many choices to make on their way to Mount Olympus. And, when it comes to the choice of testosterone boosting supplements there are shown to be many which will not measure up well and are likely to lead to poor overall performance. With all of that in mind, we decided to look at Equibolin and, specifically, three key factors involved in its ratings.

One was the list of ingredients which is comparable in many ways to a number of well-known testosterone boosters but without having the key amino acid known as L- Arginine which is a crucial building block for testosterone production there is no way to say that it stacks up well against the best that the industry has to offer. The second was to look at any data derived from research, studies or clinical trials which are not always mandated for these types of products and, in this case, we did not find any reports which would support the numerous claims being made for Equibolin. The third and final factor had to do with what independent user reviews have had to say about their experiences and the fact that most of those that we encountered had a very poor ratings says a great deal and not in a good way.

Overall, the research shows that there are many superior testosterone boosting bodybuilding supplements out there on the market today.

For more information on high quality, top rated bodybuilding supplements available on the market today, click here.

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