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Body Beast Review

Rated: 3.5 out of 5
by BuildMuscle.com

Best product to build muscle Since the beginning of time men have been looking for ways to sculpt their bodies in ways that will make them more powerful than the competition, more attractive to women and strong enough to overcome the ravages of age. All you have to do is look around the world and you will find that every culture and not just one form of exercise or strength and bodybuilding regimen but many. These include speed and endurance training, holistic mind and body techniques and all sorts of disciplines from yoga to numerous martial art styles.

The problem with many of these is that they were designed as lifestyle programs meant to become a central part of the man's life where they become part of a discipline rather than a means to just get stronger and achieve a more sculpted body to help carry a man through the other parts of his life. And this, according to multiple surveys, is what most modern men who have varied interests and careers to consider want most from a pure physical regimen.

This is also why so many companies have invested in programs and devices that claim to help men reach their desired goals. The bottom line here is that, in a field filled with innovation on many front, the fitness industry has also long been a victim of shady profiteers who love to think of new ways and new products that they can build a slick marketing campaign around and sell to the millions and millions of men all around the world who want nothing more than to find a way to quickly and efficiently build up their bodies so that they can be healthy, strong and attractive to women.

Unfortunately, for these regular guys with no inside knowledge of the industry or which of the dizzying array of facts around health, strength and endurance can be believed or even understood it can be very hard to discern which way to go in order to achieve the results they're looking for.

This being the case we, as part of our ongoing efforts to help our readers find the best products that are likely to help them reach their goals, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about products on the market today: Body Beast.

About Body Beast

body beast program

Body Beast is a fitness and bodybuilding program which utilizes instructions through the DVD format. Its main claim is that is can add up to ten pounds of lean muscle mass to the users' body within ninety days of starting the program. It does so through a three stage plan that included the build, bulk and beast stages.

In addition, Body beast offers secondary products such as bodybuilding supplements designed to enhance the body's ability to fully convert the training techniques into the maximum possible benefits and more DVDs designed to guide the user onto even higher levels of training and physical achievement.

On top of that, users should be aware that, as a weight training regimen, Body Beast does require some very specific equipment unlike other programs that rely on body weight or resistance training methods. This equipment is not provided with the program and so must be purchased or acquired separately. They include:

  • Dumbbells - A wide selection of different weights should be available for use.
  • Weight Bench - Considering the ever increasing amount of weights required for use with the program it is advisable that a professional made and high capacity weight bench be acquired which can bare the high weight limits set forth in the program with complete safety.
  • Pull up bar - Proper installation of a pull up or chin up bar is essential to the program and to safety in general.
  • Resistance bands - Aside from the fact that the Body Beast program is designed for use with weights it does have component for early stage use of some resistance bands as some users may not want to start right with weights.

Program Stages One, Two And Three

  • The Build Phase - Using a variety of audio and video instructions the initial stage utilizes pep talks, warm up and cool down routines focusing on various muscle groups in order to prepare the user for more intense activity.
  • The Bulk Phase - The purpose of phase two in the Body Beast program is to cause the user to exert high levels of stress on all the various muscle groups in order to create maximum levels of growth in lean muscle mass. This phase uses a number of advanced bodybuilding techniques focused on high level muscle burn and rest intervals during a once per week workout for each muscle group along with a six day recovery period.
  • The Beast Phase - In the third phase of the Body Beast program the user will experience extreme workout intensity through a series of designed to build muscle and burn fat at an accelerated rate. This phase carries a number of cautions as high level weights are used which could cause injuries if improperly used. This phase also includes higher than normal nutritional and hydration requirements.

The Science Behind Body Beast

Produced by the Beachbody Company Body Beast and its program are based on many long standing bodybuilding philosophies and an amalgam of various well-worn techniques widely accepted throughout the fitness world. However, there is also a growing body of experts who have noted that the techniques, beneficial in many ways that they may be, fall far short in their intensity and broad outlines to achieve the type of results claimed by the company.

What Actual Users Are Saying

A standard search of industry related websites with no known affiliation to Body Beast or the Beachbody Company show a large number of independent user reviews. Looking at them in total it appears that most have a rather negative view of their experience with this product. The main theme among them is that the user just did not achieve the goals as claimed by the producers of Body Beast.

Purchasing Body Beast

The Body Beast DVD can be purchased online only through the official website for $49.85.

Review Analysis

Going back to the beginning of this review we discussed the fact that men have been searching for efficient ways to achieve the type of bodies that will provide them with the strength to compete in a world where physical dominance is just a fact of life and where an attractive body is essential to winning the affections of the most prized women among us. This has led to a long and ongoing effort by anyone who can come up with a physical fitness plan to attempt to make a lot of money based on the dreams of the everyday man who natural desire is to be considered a real man with the body of a god.

Looking directly at the Body Beast DVD program and all of the associated products such as nutritional supplements and additional video library that it offers there are just a few key considerations that any potential user must take into account. One is that the program requires additional equipment that it does not provide and that can be costly and even dangerous if used improperly. The second is that a growing list of experts have determined that the program does is not designed in a way that is likely to achieve the type of results claimed by its producers.

Taking these two points and adding the fact that most independent user reviews that we encountered in our search did not feel that they achieved the results that they had hoped for it seems clear that there are likely far better choices available for men who desire a solid workout regimen that can help them achieve a body rippling with lean muscle mass and a low fat index.

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