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How to Build Muscle Fast

Whether you're a gym rat or a couch potato, it's easy to build muscle with the right supplements to back you up. Everyone is born with certain genetic limitations on your muscle mass. No matter how hard you work out you won't be able to surpass those genetic limits. This can be frustrating. Fortunately, muscle-building supplements are the keys to taking your body beyond its genetic limits.

Based on our research, the following supplements are the very best legally available muscle-building aids. Where does this information come from? Not only are we bodybuilding enthusiasts ourselves, we stay abreast of scientific studies and industry publications. We poll our visitors. We constantly search for new reviews and forum posts reviewing bodybuilding and muscle-building supplements. Based on all this information we summarize and list the very best products.

Rank Click for Reviews Rating Price Website
1 Ultra Edge XL review Free Trial Ultra Edge XL
2 HGH Factor Review Free Trial HGH Factor
3 NitroXL Review $94.95 Nitro XL
4 Antler Force $59.95 Antler Force
5 GenFX Free Trial GenFX
6 HGH Energizer Free Trial HGH Energizer
7 Learn more about Force Factor passive $68.99 Force Factor
8 Growth Tech passive $21.99 Growth Tech
9 ProBlen halfpassive $44.95 ProBlen
10 Genf20 HGH halfpassive $59.95 Genf20 HGH
11 Vital HGH half $39.95 Vital HGH
12 Maximum Result $62.99 Maximum Result
13 HGH1000 $64.50 HGH1000
14 HGH Surge $56.99 HGH Surge
15 HGH Dopa $44.99 HGH Dopa
16 Somnidren $59.99 Somnidren
17 Biogenica Review $32.99 Biogenica

The muscle-building supplements on this list all meet the following criteria: All are 100% legal. All are available over-the-counter. None contain compounds that would create a false positive on a typical drug test. All have been widely used and reviewed by the bodybuilding community.

If you are interested in a supplement that does not appear on this list, odds are it's because the supplement simply didn't make the cut. This list changes frequently, so please bookmark this page and check back often.